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This is the service where people come in and say “I want all you have”. If you have kids, chances are you need the inside taken care of. (No judgements here.) Or perhaps your vehicle’s exterior is coated with the days’ or weeks’ weather problems, Towne Car Wash’s auto detailing services will revitalize the vehicle, so it can be driven with pride.

Expert Cleaning Services

Our experts clean your car inside and out. Our staff are experts who use the latest and most effective detailing products and techniques. Our experience will provide superior results for any make or model. We take the care to treat each automobile as our very own. Our detail includes carpet shampooing, cleaning the seats, and meticulous interior detailing, as well as, external washing, compounding and waxing, wheel cleaning and a tire shine.

Our appointment time for a full Detail runs about 4 hours. We take pride in our work. If you find something that is not right, please let us know.

Remember, A Clean Car is a Happy Car, and a Happy Car Carries Happy People!


We offer an assortment of vehicle treatments, gift card discounts, unlimited monthly plans and we maintain house accounts for corporate clients. There’s a solution for you whatever your needs are.

All Pricing Plus NJ Sales Tax

Wash Packages

Basic Car Wash Packages
Exterior Wash
  • Monthly Membership: $22.95
  • Exterior Wash
  • Hand Dry
    Basic Package
    • Monthly Membership: $34.95
    • Exterior Wash
    • Interior Vacuum
    • Windows Washed (in & out)
    • Dashboard & Door Jams Wiped
      Deluxe Package
      • Monthly Membership: $41.95
      • Basic Wash +
      • Underbody
      • Sealer Wax
      • Tire Dressing
        Premiere Car Wash Packages
        Towne Protection
        • Monthly Membership: $46.95
        • Basic Wash +
        • Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant
        • Triple Polish
        • Underbody
        • Sealer Wax
        • Tire Dressing
          Towne Ultimate
          • Monthly Membership: $56.95
          • Basic Wash +
          • CeramicSeal
          • Triple Polish
          • Underbody
          • Sealer Wax
          • Tire Dressing
          • Power Wash Mats
            Towne Supreme
            • Monthly Membership: $84.95
            • Basic Wash +
            • Mat Shampoo
            • Express Spray Wax
            • Triple Polish
            • Underbody
            • Sealer Wax
            • Tire Dressing
            • Power Wash Mats
              Discount for 2nd Car!
              Save 15% on a second car!
              A La Carte
              • Express Spray Wax Hand Buffed – $11
              • Armorall Dash and Doors – $12
              • Leather Conditioner Including Seats – $17
              • Mat Cleaning (price per mat) – $2.00
              • Tire Dressing – $4
              • Triple Foam – $6
              • Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant – $6
              • CeramicSeal – $6

              Detailing Services

              Exterior Detailing Services

              Our Exterior Auto Detailing technicians will ensure that all marks or gunked on dirt is removed with a three-stage buffing process is carefully performed to remove light swirls and light-medium scratches. A durable wax is applied to protect the clear coat. We won’t forget about the rims, tires, wheel wells, door jams, windows and trim, which are all cleaned and protected as part of the process.

              Interior Detailing Services

              Our Automotive Interior Detailing technicians will treat all the cloth by vacuuming, shampoo’ing, scrubbing, extracting, and any other professional means necessary to remove stains and grime. The dash, center console, door panels, headliner, windows, compartments and vents are meticulously cleaned to make sure it passes our team of experts “white glove test”.

              Auto Detailing Packages
              Exterior Detail
              • +$20 charge for trucks/vans/SUVs
              • Thorough hand wash
              • Fallout Removal (Using Clay)
              • Removal of all road tar / sap / bugs
              • Proper cleaning of wheels / wheel wells / tires
              • Clean door jams
              • Clean inside fuel door
              • Tires and trim treated with premium exterior dressing
              • 3-Stage Buffing Process To Remove Light and Medium Scratches
              • Application of durable wax
              • Clean Windows Exterior & Interior
              • Clean and polish exhaust tips
              • Polish wheels and chrome bumpers
                Interior Detail
                • +$20 charge for trucks/vans/SUVs
                • Shampoo all carpet and upholstery
                • Hot water extraction on all carpet upholstery & floor mats
                • Clean all surfaces & crevices using compressed air fine brushes / soft cloths and specially formulated cleaners
                • Instruments & panels
                • Windows & sunroof
                • Cup holders
                • Gauges
                • All knobs / switches / dials
                • Vents & louvers
                • Mirrors
                • Seat belts
                • Steering column
                • Door handles
                • Consoles
                • Glove box & compartment interiors
                • Head liner
                • Seat tracks
                • Spare tire & compartment
                • Leather is treated & conditioned with pH balanced solution
                • Navigation & video screens delicately wiped to provide streak free clarity
                • Premium interior dressing applied to enrich tone of all surfaces
                  Complete Detail
                  • +$20 charge for trucks/vans/SUVs
                  • Exterior Detail
                  • Interior Detail

                    Gift Card Discounts

                    $50 minimum purchase. Buy a $50-$99 gift card, receive an additional 20% on card. Buy $100 or more, receive additional 25% on card.
                    Card can be used to purchase any service or merchandise at any of the Towne locations.

                    20% Savings
                    $100 and over
                    25% Savings
                    Give the gift of
                    a clean car
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